Monday, August 1, 2011

Essay on my favourite person

My favourite person 

My favourite person is my grandmother. She is my mother's mother and she is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever known. She has 4 children and 6 grand children! Isn't that amazing? Even though there are so many people in our family, my grandmother always remembers everybody's birthday. She never forgets to send all her children and grandchildren a special birthday card. She keeps all these important dates in her head, I have never seen her writing anything down in her diary or book. 

My grandmother used to live in a small, beautiful town in Bihar for many years. Then they shifted to Orissa, but now they live in West Bengal. I am very happy to have my grandmother near me once more. During my holidays I love to go and visit her and my grandfather at their home. My grandfather is very strict and does not like any noise or indiscipline from us. So, my cousins and I are very careful and well behaved whenever he is around. 

We call our grandmother "Big Mama" because she is plump. When I was younger, I used to sit on her stomach and bounce up and down because she is so soft and comfortable to sit on! 

She is also an excellent cook. I love to eat her biriyani and cutlets. During the winter, she even knits me some lovely warm sweaters and sends them to me. 

I think my Big Mama is a very special person and even her birthday falls on a special day — December 31. This is New Year's eve and all over the world, people have parties and celebrations. But in my family, we always have a double celebration in her honour. I am eagerly waiting to meet her again.


  1. aww u really love your grandmother i also love my grandmother

  2. its good 2 see that U 2 love UR grandmother like me

  3. i love my grandfather ...... and i misss u sooooooo much yar .

  4. i love my grandma too

  5. Grandmothers r always adorable

  6. I love my grandma a lot but i don't see her a lot since she lives far away.